As a native women owned company, we understand the challenges in our community and have designed with them in mind. Our team is passionate about positively impacting humanity through our design and building solutions.

Due to the harsh desert environment in which they live, the jackrabbit has developed numerous adaptations to allow it to survive. Their large ears are filled with blood vessels which they can regulate the blood flow; allowing them to control their temperature up and down on demand to adjust to the desert temperature swings.  Their feet are covered in thick fur providing them protection from the hot sand.  Jackrabbits have developed ways of conserving water in a habitat where it’s often a scarce resource.  They also have several behavior adaptions to allow them to better survive. 

When it came time to create a name for our company, which is focused on sustainable solutions able to adapt to local climates, JackRabbit was the perfect fit.

Our Mission

To Improve the quality of life for humanity and our world by creating sustainable lifestyles.

Our Vision

To impact our lived experience by providing alternative solutions to building better lives through healthy lifestyles, education, awareness, and sustainable communities.